Juliann Rogers

Director of Energy
CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc.

Frank Garrett

Senior VP of Finance
MCR Development, LLC

​7th largest hotel owner/operator


Murray C. Meikenhous
Vice President of Purchasing
Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc.

"CreativeEnergy has been a valuable consultant for six years to MCR.  Their advice has enabled MCR to maximize our energy savings and minimize our cost.  They have a depth of knowledge and expertise in the energy markets that benefits our company.  We would recommend CreativEnergy to other businesses looking for expert guidance related to managing their energy contracts and cost."

Alan Salts
Chief Financial Officer
KBP Foods

"CreativEnergy has been partners with Denny’s for many years and have provided specific expertise in contracting for electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets nationally to maximize savings for our stores.  CreativEnergy has always been thorough in their follow up and customer service and I would recommend their service to other national brands."

“The CreativEnergy team have a thorough knowledge of the markets and are on top of market movements and opportunities to adjust contracts as necessary.  They help me know that I’m paying the lowest prices possible. The attention to detail CreativEnergy brings to our utility procurement process gives me confidence that we are not leaving dollars on the table”

"At IPC we value our partnerships. CreativEnergy's dedication to service and ability to drive savings for our franchisees makes them one of our most valued partners. IPC looks forward to working with CreativEnergy both now and in the future."


"CreativEnergy has provided our Members with excellent service as it relates to energy procurement.  Brad and his team are always available to answer questions about risk factors and also discuss the market trends.  With their diligent work in reviewing the best options and providing recommendations, our Members have been able to realize significant energy savings.  I would gladly recommend CreativEnergy to other businesses."

Clayton Gamber
Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc.
A SUBWAY® Franchisee Owned Organization

Jennifer Schmidt 
CSCS® -- Sole Purchasing Agent for Applebee’s & IHOP

"We have been particularly pleased with the early work we did together to address problem areas where uncertainty of utility expense responsibility of the landlord vs. our company was resolved favorably for us – After 10 years working with CreativEnergy,  I’d recommend your team highly."

Mark Gray
Senior Director, Distribution & Logistics
Denny's, Inc

"The Creative Energy Team knows the markets and understands the base rates.  They are always prompt and businesslike in their approach. What separates Creative Energy from other consultants I have worked with is their ability to manage CKE’s vast franchisee community.  Their advice and recommendations are given in a manner that the inexperienced Franchise Owners can easily understand."